Although the process is far simpler than an import clearance, it is no less important to have an in-depth knowledge of outward clearances. Rather than tariffs & notifications as is the case of import clearances, it is the special schemes offered by the government for exporters which is of the greatest benefit. It is therefore imperative to have an active knowledge of the same and to be able to determine the best course of export which returns maximum benefit to the customer. From the moment a purchase order is received, to the final receipt of the finished product by the ultimate consignee, these potential problems are anticipated and avoided. Due to far more pressure on time frames for clearance, it is very important that there is a high level of coordination between the documentation personnel who prepare the paperwork, the customs people who actually pass the documents & the operational people who facilitate examination and verification of cargo.

For the companies involved in both import & export of cargo, the linking of both is inevitable as most of the schemes offered by the government either involve concessions on import by virtue of export or require an export obligation to avail of a concession in import. Such a relationship between the two introduces the requirement for quick & efficient pre & post shipment documentation which again requires a team of dedicated & more importantly knowledgeable professional to get the job done. Our staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and has years of experience in meeting the needs of the shipping community. We are constantly customizing our origin, destination, and service offerings in order to meet the needs that growing companies demand.