Import consolidation allows you to combine your cargo with that of other shippers and consignees into a larger groupage. Your cargo is then tendered to the carrier as a single large movement, rather than numerous small shipments. This allows for several benefits, such as the economics of larger scale shipments. Since all airlines and steamship lines base their rate structure on total volume or tonnage, the cost per kg for transporting merchandise decreases as the over-all weight or volume increases. This can make a significant difference in unit cost for merchandise, particularly now, when margins must be kept tight to compete in our new global economy.

Special rates are available from carriers of frequent shippers, as well as for higher shipment weights and diverse destinations. This allows you to take advantage of pricing and incentives that are targeted at large multi-national corporations. These cost savings can reduce your transportation cost by a significant percentage.

Since we are in constant communication with air and ocean carriers, we collect information on all inbound and outbound shipments, allowing us to keep our clients and business partners informed of any changes in shipment status. This means better control and reduction in auxiliary charges and extra costs. Since we have regularly scheduled consolidations, smaller shippers or consignees can enjoy the regularly scheduled service that larger importers and exporters enjoy.

We make all arrangements for combining of goods at origin, and separation of cargo at destination. This means that you can enjoy the economic benefits of consolidated shipment, without the concerns of separating your merchandise at destination.

We are an independent, privately owned company, which means there aren’t any membership costs, minimum shipping commitments or bond requirements. We will make all transport arrangements in advance, which means you will know upfront what the cost will be. No surprises, no extra charges, no commitment to ship cargo that has not been ordered.

Since we have an extensive network of experienced and professional agents, offices and business partners, we are constantly expanding and tailoring our origin, destination and service offerings. We specialize in providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.